“I have always considered myself to be very fashionable,” shared fashion designer Rochele Spencer. “From a very young age, I was always tinkering with my clothes and hair to make what I wore and how I looked more personal, more individualistic. As I grew older this grew into a love of all things beauty and fashion-related,” she continued. Spencer tested the waters with hair and make-up, then began testing her design skills by making her own clothes. With the acquisition of a sewing machine there would be no turning back.

“Soon women began to take notice and asked me to design outfits for them”, and from there she quickly developed her design skills through trial and error and by watching tutorials on YouTube.

Where there’s a will there’s a way and so with the use of social media commenced her training and development as a designer and the marketing of her brand. Three years later, Spencer is of the opinion that “a large part of [her] target market has been exposed to her designs”.

Indeed, All Woman Fashion (AWF) spotted the stylish designer at the recently concluded Jamaica Business Development Corporation’s (JBDC’s ) women entrepreneurs’ empowerment event and asked her who she was wearing. It was her own brand, Yours Truly. A label, she explained, that “is a reflection of the organic development of my design aesthetic from timid fashionista to, now, confident designer. It speaks to the personal interest and specific attention that I bring to each design and the truth of every artisan piece being authentically from me, Rochele! The woman who wears Yours Truly Rochele is bold, confident and uniquely sexy! My preferred textures for my clients are soft flowy fabrics that go into many maxi skirts and dresses. I love to incorporate beaded and embroidered fabrics, as well, which make for very celebratory and unique gowns and tops. Structural prints and dense stretch materials form a large part of my more tailored designs and swimwear pieces.”

There’s nothing much else to add, really, save enjoy the looks.

Source: Google News