The color psychology in branding and marketing is always interesting and also the controversial topics relating to first advertisements and marketing. Color is used to offer extra boost, to persuade people or even to enter the mind of the customers to push them to take action.  The fact is that it provokes emotions, regardless of whether it is a cultural difference, personal preference, an aspect of upbringing a color or some color on making it tremendous.

Everyone uses the colors in marketing and branding, it helps in provoking emotions and reaching the customers minds.

Primary Colors

The primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.

Red: Dynamics, Passion, Love and Affection

Red is a dynamic color. It is full of passion, reflecting physical needs to portray an error or to show love and affection. It is the blood color that keeps humans attached deeply. It is also demanding, aggressive and strong used for warning and also in the digital world it is used to make things attract.  Red is the primary color and it offers a symbolic approach that combines love, passion, and survival. This is the reason it is found in Coca-cola to McDonalds, in all the noticeable brands.

Blue: Reliable, Cool, Mentally Soothing and Responsible

Blue is related to health and it instills reliability, trust, mental soothing and responsibility. It is liked by most people. Blue should be used properly. The pharmacies, health institutions, and brands present a strong practice. Blue brings sense of trust, calmness, and aims at long-term relationship.

Yellow: Warmth, Clarity, Joy, Optimism

Yellow color sparks emotion. It triggers confidence, optimism, emotional strength, confidence, creativity and friendliness. It is a wavelength creator and has the stimulation potential. It is a strong color lifting optimism and spirit. Yellow has a negative impact as well and so too much of yellow in the branding and marketing may cause plummeting of self-esteem, and it may rise stress, fear, and anxiety.

Secondary Colors

Purple, green, and orange are powerful secondary colors.

Purple relates to spirituality, imagination, royalty, and luxury. Purple is the indicator of imagination and creativity. It reflects the imagination and has the reliability of the color blue, while the passion of red. It shows mystery, courage, luxury and magic. It blends colors, triggers new creations and ideas, allowing to think away from the box.

Green: Rest, Balance, And Harmony

Green color represents harmony and balance. It offers a clearer sense. It is emotional, balanced and logical. It promotes the concept of being environmentally-friendly.  The only negative aspect that includes are materialism and possession. It also has positive effects as other colors.

Orange: Energy, Power, Fun and Friendliness

It presents a combination of energy and power with red with friendliness and fun with yellow making it orange that promotes a taste of services or products.