For a marketer, the daily commute of a passenger on public transportation is an ideal targeting time. The passenger travels the same route, at the same times, and might regularly check a phone app for schedule updates.

With that in mind, Chicago-based CommuteStream is this week launching “commute-targeted” native ads through its ad platform specifically for dozens of transit apps. Although other ad platforms can deliver ads to these apps, CommuteStream says it is the only one to focus entirely on public transit apps.

Dozens of them — with names like Transit Stop, Transit Tracker, Next Bus and My Transit — allow users to see current arrival times of buses or trains, check for delays, find the fastest routes or conduct similar activities.

Previously, CommuteStream only offered banner ads for transit apps, which are still available. Both the banner ads and the new native ads are now available in 11 US markets beyond the company’s initial three markets of Boston, Pittsburgh and the Chicago area.

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