In response to the release of an in-depth report by Econsultancy on what marketers in the country are doing, Credico Australia has spoken out on the ever increasing presence of face to face marketing in Australia.

(PRWEB) July 29, 2017

In association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, Econsultancy recently released their report on the current state of marketing in Australia. The survey of over 350 marketing professionals garnered some surprising conclusions concerning current trends leading the country’s marketing sector, specifically the implementation of automation.

About Credico Australia:

The report found that while automation remains a priority among Australian marketers, putting these plans into action isn’t without hiccups. While 72 percent of those surveyed stated that they are currently using marketing automation in the form of email campaigns, a mere 32 percent were utilising this investment to create and nurture new leads. Furthermore, a plethora of issues concerning integrating this technology into existing practices was evident. 46 percent of respondents claimed integrating data to be their biggest challenge and felt that they had inadequate resources to utilise automation effectively.

In light of this report, Credico Australia feels that when it comes to lead creation in the marketing world, face to face is still the strongest tool in marketer’s armoury. ‘while automation has its benefits, this report has highlighted that companies are struggling to integrate it into their current practices. As a result, the role of in-person, face to face marketing is becoming more important, delivering consistent, strong leads amidst the changing marketing landscape’ outlined a spokesperson for Credico Australia.

The agency also believes that while automation is a current trend, brands are benefiting from taking things back to basics. ‘Consumers are often wary of automation and feel more confident when they can interact with a brand representative one on one. This is why face to face marketing is so important. It provides consumers with a point of contact, with whom they can openly discuss their needs and receive real time, personalised responses. Confirmed Credico Australia. ‘This creates stronger relationships between brands and their consumers which result in consistent sales and greater brand loyalty, which is why we are confident that there will always be a place for face to face marketing in Australia.’

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