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All about Drip

Automation is the key aspect of email marketing, and this premium feature is offered by Email Service providers (ESPs). Marketing Automation is a bigger trend nowadays. Every Email Marketing Service Providers seem to be adding marketing automation capabilities to their products. Here comes the tool “Drip” that manages your business workflows more effectively. Drip, from Leadpages is a world-class email marketing automation tool that lets you manage your workflow, create leads, simplifies your reach to potential leads, and convert them into loyal customers. It is a perfect tool for business to meet the cut-throat competition by simplifying the process of customer acquisition and customer retention.

How does it work?

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The powerful automation engine of Drip is meticulously designed to display the complete subscriber journey in a single workflow. This efficient software tool allows the automation at its best. With this automation tool, you can automate almost everything. The automation is used to make the subscribers get in and out of the campaigns, send emails, apply tags, record the lead conversions, and transfer them to another automation system. This self-managing software tool is very impressive. For email automation, you can use Drip as:

Integrating with your website

Once you have signed up for Drip, you have to integrate your Drip account with your website. For a WordPress site, this can be done more easily via a WordPress plugin.

Getting Subscribers

After integration, you can start adding a newsletter subscription form to your website. You can easily add a pop-up or slide-in form to your website using Drip. For the implementation of own pop-up or slide-in feature of Drip, just click on the menu item ‘’forms’’ and create a new form.

Campaigns and workflows

Once you create a subscription form, you can also send new subscribers through an automated sequence of emails. You can easily do it with two great features of Drip namely Campaigns and Workflows. A constant sequence of emails is termed as campaigns. It is a type of lead development programs used to improve communications with the customer in the form of email marketing. However, workflows are a truly distinctive feature that allows you to work with a graphical representation of your email automation sequences. You can build your automation sequences in an organic way with the workflows.

Broadcasts Newsletter to everyone

This feature allows you to send a one-off newsletter to all your subscribers or a specific segment of your list. Just click on the broadcast in the top menu, and you will be guided through the process.

What makes the Drip different from its competitors?

Drip is not just only a simple newsletter marketing tool but also a complete email marketing automation suite that works at its best rather than its competitors. It allows you to easily implement even advanced forms of automated campaigns based on the subscriber’s actions with a graphical organization feature called ‘’workflows’’.

With Drip, you can also do the segmentation of your list very easily as it allows you to place tags for subscribers based on their actions. Drip also has a lead scoring mechanism by which you can move subscribers up in your sales funnel if they are generating enough points through specific actions. The very best of this email marketing automation tool is that it has a great user interface that makes it very to understand and also easy-to-use.

Key Features of Drip

Visual Workflow Builder

With this feature, you can easily automate an entire journey of the customer from the time the customer subscribes to your blog till the time they make a purchase. At each step, the customers will receive pre-crafted emails designed specifically for them.

Powerful automation

With the powerful automation tool of Drip, you can move subscribers in and out of the campaigns, apply tags, record conversions, and send them to another application, and much more.

Lead Scoring Algorithm

This feature allows you to track the number of events to discover which of the subscribers are most engaged with your content and would likely become your customers.


Drip is integrated with various popular services like Leadpages, Zapier, SumoMe, GumRoad, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Opt-In Forms

The tool offers various opt-in forms including the standard embed opt-in forms which are consistent with the rest of design and content of your site. They also offer opt-in forms that appear in the left tab or right tab to capture the attention of visitor’s. An exit triggered pop-up is also available that you can use to grab the attention of the visitor just before they leave the site.


With this feature, Drip automatically tracks the activity of the subscriber on your site along with numerous key performance metrics for campaigns and opt-in forms.

Connect to your favorite apps

Drip integrates with many apps and platforms that include landing page providers, shopping carts, payment gateways, CRM systems, and much more.

More features that you can use in Drip:

  • Widget to quickly collect leads from your site.
  • Make your blueprints
  • Plan to quickly make your drip campaign.
  • Easily connects to payment apps to imports customers automatically.
  • Track open and click rates for your emails.

Pricing Plans

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Drip offers a 21-day free trial to their customers. Once the trial is over, you can opt for any of these four pricing options.

Starter Plan:

This plan is absolutely free and you can send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers. With this plan you can access to all of the Drip’s premium features including email marketing automation, drip email opt-in widgets, API access, third party integrations, purchase notifications, and lead scoring.

Basic Plan:

To opt this plan, you have to pay $49 per month. With this plan you can send unlimited emails to upto 2500 subscribers. This plan is featured with custom 5-day email course, remove drip branding, and all the premium features of the Starter plan.

Pro Plan:

For this plan you have to pay only $99 per month and you can send unlimited emails to upto 5000 subscribers. It covers all the features of Basic Plan.

High Volume:

If you have more than 5000 subscribers, you can opt for this plan. This plan covers all the features of basic and pro plan.


Final thoughts

Marketing automation is very important for the success of any website, but it is complex and sometimes very expensive too. Drip not just only makes it simple but also affordable to any marketer. It is great for anyone who wants to sell their own services, products, and courses. Its visual automation builder is very intuitive and easy to use, makes it an ideal fit for every type of marketer. Overall, Drip is the best email marketing automation tool by which you can easily create sophisticated marketing automations that will boost your conversions and generates more sale for your business.

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