Compliance-at-scale is a growing need for marketers, given the Federal Trade Commission’s rulings on influencers and the coming of the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

For the financial industry, which has long dealt with compliance requirements, New York City-based Even Financial is out with a Programmatic Compliance Tool that helps to semi-automate the process of staying within boundaries.

In real time and via an API, the tool looks at the blog, web or app page where a client’s ad for a financial product will appear. Image recognition analyzes daily screen grabs to assess ad placement. The tool also parses the surrounding text on the page to detect any issues that could pose problems with US federal or state regulations, as well as any brand safety content that could be embarrassing for the advertising financial service.

If the tool finds or suspects a violation, the ad placement is scratched, and an Even Financial staff member — from a team of three monitors — takes a look and renders a judgment. Even’s staff can send an alert to the publisher, who could be disconnected from the service if violations continued.

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