New data from SAS’s ‘Age of Now‘ report reveals that, while 60% of organizations in the UK believe real-time customer engagement can boost revenue by 10% – 40%, less than a third are collecting relevant data on their customers.

Furthermore, organizations are slow to react. Only 16% can adjust marketing communications in real-time based on customer behavior and 17% in a few hours. For a quarter that adjustment takes up to a day. Moreover, just one quarter can stop or retract marketing communications in response to unexpected socio-political events.

According to Tiffany Carpenter, head of customer intelligence at SAS UK & Ireland, real-time customer engagement is being implemented by a small segment of UK organizations who are ” leading the charge to capture the imagination and needs of consumers”.

However, Carpenter observes that, “most organisations are struggling to embrace real time. As consumers become ever more demanding of personalized experiences, organisations must bridge the gap by truly harnessing real-time customer engagement strategies. The strive for real-time communication is really focused on delivering at the right time”.

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Source: Google News