Spending thousands of dollars on ecommerce website is not new and it is done aiming that the search engine traffic will roll in and make right sense. Actually, this is not the reality, SEO is unpredictable. Climbing the ranking of search engine is about playing smart and handing the professionals of digital marketing that they can obtain as results for you. The SEO optimizing is quite tricky and with the product pages shuffling off and on the site, the SEO becomes a task. This is not uncommon with fashion marketing seo as well.  Fear not, here are some common SEO errors that are best avoided.

Sparse description

The critical error is sparse description. When a product lacks proper description, especially with fashion industry, the chances of reaching the top search engine page comes to an end. There must be good descriptions featuring quality descriptive content making your customers reach the buying decisions.  Make sure the content is not duplicate or also do not use it for multiple products. Having duplicated content means your website may be penalized.

Manufacturer’s description

If you wish to differentiate, add description, apart from the manufacturer’s description. This is because hundreds of other stores online also may have the same text. If so, how will Google see you away from your competitors. Come with unique content, it is mandatory. If you have a list of products, writing unique contents cannot be fathomed. In such conditions, put an index Meta tag so that you write unique contents ensuring they are search engine friendly.

Keyword stuffing

This is the worse tactics of SEO. Keyword stuffing indicates shady tactic of web page stuffing aiming to manipulate the ranking in the search results of Google. Merely repeating will not promote your rankings. Even broken link is of no use as it is a nuisance to visitors and Google does not appreciate it. It will be treated as bad links, you will be penalized and earn bad reputation.

No reviews

Having no reviews means you are missing audience to a large percentage. Generally, before purchasing, people do pay attention to the reviews and make a purchase. It is simple to reach the search engine page results top, if you have product reviews. Reviews keep your page living and so search engines crawl easily taking you to the top pages.

Similar titles

Creating unique titles is not easy, but repeating similar keywords is also not going to help.  A simple tip is to nail down right key words to survey your customers. You can check into Google Analytics for the phrases that people are using to locate websites.