For all of this year, LADbible and UNILAD have remained the most-watched video creators across the globe, according to Tubular Labs’ monthly rankings.

UNILAD had held the top spot every month except March, until June, when LADbible took the lead with a total of 2.8 billion views compared to UNILAD’s 2.7 billion. Viral Thread was a close contender, at No. 3, with 2.6 billion views.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed’s Tasty, the No. 1 video creator for the entire first half of last year, barely made the list, edging in at No. 10.

Tubular Labs ranks video creators based on the number of global video views generated across Facebook, YouTube, Instragram, Twitch, Daily Motion and additional platforms. According to Tubular Labs’ rep, the video analytics company does not publicly break out the numbers for the additional platforms because they are considered premium and are only available to Tubular Labs’ existing clients.

Top 10 video creators in June 2017

In addition to breaking out video views by platform, Tubular also ranks the top brand creators. June’s list of the top 10 brand video creators looked much like past rankings, with Red Bull, Uber and Lego leading the charge.

In fact, six of the brand creators — Red Bull, Uber, Lego, Clash Royale, Samsung Mobile and Black Jaguar-White Tiger — also ranked in May.

New brands to rank in June included Amazon, HiSmile, Samsung India and Hasbro.

Top 10 video brand creators in June 2017

You can find more of Tubular Labs’ monthly rankings at: Tubular Leaderboards.