There are just a few days left to be recognized as one of the best in search! 

We’re looking for the most impressive SEO and/or SEM campaigns from around the globe, delivered in-house or by agencies for brand name clients and small businesses alike.

We’re ready to discover who deserves the coveted Agency and In-House Team of the Year awards, and who will take individual top honors among the most respected names in digital marketing.

The only question is – will you make the short list? Start an entry here now if you haven’t already!

What our judges are looking for:

  1. Quantifiable, meaningful results. Not made made up, feel-good metrics — but true performance indicators that result in a measurable impact on the bottom line.
  2. Return on investment. Both organic SEO and paid search demand respect in today’s marketing mix. Whether you have a modest or massive budget, limited or seemingly endless resources, we want to see that you are maximizing your overall investment in search marketing. That includes the investment in tools, talent and related KPIs such as ROAS or LTV, for example.
  3. Meets or exceeds current best practices. We’ve always advocated for SEO & SEM tactics that are on the up-and-up. Shady or outright spammy campaigns have no place here.
  4. Demonstrates creativity and/or innovation. We have been involved with search for a very long time, so we’ve seen it all; what we really want is to see fresh and exciting new approaches, not just campaigns coasting along on average performance. All of our judges have significant experience in the industry, and those participating from leading platforms such as Bing and Google in particular have seen some of the world’s most impressive campaigns. The bar is high.
  5. Degree of difficulty from a technical or competitive standpoint. Just about anyone can drop in meta tags or bid a small amount on low volume keywords, so we take into consideration how challenging the undertaking is and weigh the outcome with that in mind.
  6. Communication, collaboration & contributions. Primarily applicable to the individual, agency and team awards, we also want to reward those that continue to support the search community at large. How you educate and communicate success to clients and colleagues, share research and contribute to thought leadership, while continually building institutional knowledge and individual skills, all factor into the awards process.

If you can check most of those boxes, then complete your submission now. Amaze the panel of judges with your best work and you’ll earn a spot among the finalists in this year’s competition. 

Then get ready to celebrate in style at the epic Landy Awards gala on October 25, 2017 to celebrate your collective achievements. It’s the biggest night of the year in search marketing — with flowing drinks, fabulous food, dancing and entertainment all on the menu, as search takes center stage during the annual SMX East week in NYC.

We hope to see you there.

Source: Search Engine Land