Kathy Ireland, Level Brands’ Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist, together with the renowned kathy ireland®Worldwide branding team, will support CEO Martin Sumichrast, emulating the same successful business model. Three current Level Brands’ businesses focus on multi-dimensional lifestyle brands which sell licensed consumer products in art, beauty, fashion, marketing, entertainment, health & wellness and more.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Level Brands, Inc., a diversified, innovative brand and marketing company focused on bold, unconventional and socially responsible branding, for leading businesses, which intends to focus on art, beauty, travel, health & wellness, fashion and entertainment, today announces its intention to file a Regulation A+ initial public offering.

Level Brands is the first company with a nationally recognized woman, Chairman Emeritus to launch a Regulation A+ IPO with an intent to list on a national securities exchange. Founded in 2015, licensed brand marketing and corporate brand management are at the core of the Level Brand businesses: Ireland Men One, or I’M1, for millennial men, and the women who love them; Encore Endeavor One, or EE1, is the corporate brand management unit, and producer of entertainment projects, as well as events; Beauty & Pin-Ups, Level Brands’ multi-dimensional women’s and hair care business unit. Working closely with its Chairman Emeritus and Chief Branding Strategist, Kathy Ireland, the Chairman, CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide, Level Brands seeks to secure strategic licenses and joint venture partnerships for its brands, as well as to grow the portfolio of brands through strategic acquisitions. Affiliates of kathy ireland® Worldwide are the co-managing directors and minority owners of both I’M1 and EE1, recently formed brands acquired by Level Brands as its subsidiaries in January 2017. Individuals interested in learning more about Level Brands’ Regulation A+ investment opportunity and registering an indication of interest are invited to visit http://banq.co/listings/LB.

“Level Brands’ offering will enable investors the opportunity to invest in the licensed branding team that propels the kathy ireland® Worldwide enterprise. This same creative team is the branding force behind Level Brands,” said Chief Executive Officer Martin A. Sumichrast. “We believe that our Regulation A+ IPO will open up the opportunity to invest in an initial public offering – previously typically the exclusive terrain of large institutional investors and the investment bank’s clients – to a wider array of investors, at the start.”

Kathy Ireland, Level Brands’ Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist says, “We believe this is a very dynamic and powerful moment at Level Brands. We believe Level Brands is well positioned for significant growth, and is gaining traction and momentum across its three current business segments, including I’M1, Co-Founded by Tommy Meharey – Marine, millennial father, global fashion model, concert producer, Vice President of kathy ireland® Weddings & Resorts, as well as the youngest Board of Directors member of kathy ireland® Worldwide. Mr. Meharey began his career securing and renovating real estate for kathy ireland® Worldwide in Hawaii, California, Texas, Nevada, as well as international destinations. Level Brands is committed to social responsibility in every sector of what we do at this company. Each partner, client, and licensee must agree to join us in supporting Millennium Development Goals to improve the condition of lives around the world.”

As recently as last week, I’M1 announced its most recent partnership with André Phillipe, who is bringing a fashion-forward vision to I’M1’s portfolio. The new I’M1 Suits by André Phillipe offerings include the bespoke, tailored offerings which made Mr. Phillipe and his partner, Jason Smith, celebrated in the world of fashion. Last week, Level Brands also began retail placement for I’M1 Eyewear by Looseleaf.

EE1 was Co-Founded by Nic Mendoza, heir to a family legacy with generations of extraordinary musical success. Mr. Mendoza is a certified sound specialist, with an emphasis on live performance, having toured with artists as diverse as Janet Jackson and Robin Thicke, and a producer of albums and musical theater – including Up, Up and Away! Starring 7-time GRAMMY award winners Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. Mr. Mendoza’s next EE1 projects include concept songbook albums and programming, celebrating the music of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as well as Stevie Wonder. Global distribution for these albums will be announced at a later date. EE1 has broadcasting and digital strategies globally, and is responsible for the creative development, and marketing management, for all clients and companies at Level Brands.

“Beauty & Pin-Ups began as a hair care program for the clients of stylists. Cosmopolitan Magazine named Beauty & Pin-Ups one of the beauty industry’s most disruptive brands. Supermodel Katie Meade, a champion and client of Best Buddies, who lives a powerful life with Down Syndrome, which does not define her, and advocates for people through the non-profit led by Anthony Kennedy Shriver, is the first woman in history with Down Syndrome to secure a major beauty contract, and star in a beauty campaign. Katie proves that beauty is diversity. Beauty is so many wonderful things. We could not lead a brand called Beauty & Pin-Ups if the definition was traditional. The Beauty & Pin-Ups mission is to shatter limits, and disrupt the beauty industry by redefining, what ‘beauty’ really is,” said Ms. Ireland.

“Both I’M1 and EE1 are led in marketing and creative by Stephen Roseberry, President and Chief Marketing Officer of kathy ireland® Worldwide, and our genius, Global Creative Director, Jon Carrasco, respectively. Jon and Stephen are brilliant people who have devoted their entire careers to the success of kathy ireland® Worldwide, our related companies and clients. It’s thrilling to have these exemplary and unparalleled leaders serving Level Brands. We decided many years ago that kathy ireland® Worldwide would never be a public company. Level Brands is our singular opportunity to share best-in-class brand building strategies in the public arena,” says Ms. Ireland.

“For over 28 years, we have had the incredible privilege of learning from, working beside and bringing the amazing gifts of our CEO, Chief Designer and Chair to market,” said Mr. Roseberry and Mr. Carrasco in a joint statement.

kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW), launched with great ambition and limited resources, at Kathy’s kitchen table in Santa Barbara, California, selling a single collection of socks, manufactured by our friends and partners, John and Marilyn Moretz. That beginning grew into one of the most successful, diverse, and progressive brands in the world and one of the very few owned and led by a powerful woman. Today, Kathy is recognized as one of the 50 Most Influential People in Fashion. With a portfolio which includes; art, fashion, home, weddings, travel, diamonds, publishing, merchant services, insurance, artist management, real estate, entertainment, lifestyle products, health & wellness, Kathy continues to lead the way in brand building. Many of these categories, will be introduced to Level Brands, which is our greatest endeavor in multi-brand expansion. This company and team is vitally important to everyone at kathy ireland® Worldwide. Today, Kathy is one of the world’s leading lifestyle designers, celebrated entrepreneurs, and most importantly, a world-class philanthropist, whose talents, heart and resources are committed to unique vision and strategies. ‘Teach.’ ‘Inspire.’ ‘Empower’. ‘Make Our World Better.’ These are Kathy’s tenets in life, in business, and for Level Brands,” added Mr. Roseberry and Mr. Carrasco.

“With this exciting backdrop of potential, multiple growth markets, as well as upcoming new business opportunities, we are pleased to participate in this new ‘level’ field for those among us, who may not have enjoyed access to the inner circle of initial investment offerings. Regulation A+ represents the democratization of investment opportunity,” stated Mr. Sumichrast. “We applaud the new SEC regulations that allows us to share this opportunity with a larger group of investors to participate in the IPO of our exciting new enterprise, Level Brands,” concluded Mr. Sumichrast.

“We thank Joseph Gunnar & Co., for their tremendous work as our lead underwriter. Our friendship and their counsel goes back many years. We greatly appreciate TriPoint Global Equities for their support in this exciting venture,” said Ms. Ireland.

TriPoint Global Equities, LLC, working with its online division, BANQ®, will act as the managing selling agent, allowing investors access to participate in Level Brands’ offering.

“It is a distinct pleasure to have a great executive, who is chronicled by Forbes, CNBC, The Today Show, Reuters, Fox Business, Good Morning America, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, Investor’s Business Daily, as an authentic and successful leader in the business of licensing and brand building, agree to be a part of a Regulation A+ IPO, for Level Brands, with a proposed listing on a national securities exchange. The fact that this executive is a recognized icon in business, retail, and fashion is a great honor. Kathy Ireland is one of the most successful people in the world. Many celebrities start brands which stagger and stagnate. Many famous people lost control of their companies, and in fact, their names. Ms. Ireland, and her 28-year history, as a disruptive leader is a shining example of approaching businesses in new ways. Her stewardship of brands, from her own to Elizabeth Taylor’s and many others, is very innovative, this is Ms. Ireland’s newest demonstration of wise innovation and is an example of how things can be done by people, and particularly women, in the entrepreneurial space.” said Mark Elenowitz, Founder and CEO of TriPoint Global Equities, LLC. Mr. Elenowitz added, “This presents a great opportunity for believers and followers of Kathy Ireland’s accession in corporate brand management and consumer brand licensing to invest in this new public venture, Level Brands, by buying shares at the initial offering price.”

Mr. Sumichrast added: “Licensed brand marketing is a tremendous business model. Great brands have the power to disrupt – and even transform – industries. Together with Kathy and the entire team, who we consider to be the world’s best brand builders, we intend our brands and products to be leaders in these three businesses, as well as numerous other industries, and across all markets in which we will operate. We are pleased to have exceptional designers, celebrities, artists and companies reaching out to us at Level Brands, to help them expand their market share and take their corporate branded businesses, sales and marketing to the next level.”

About Level Brands, Inc.

Level Brands creates bold, unconventional and socially responsible branding for leading businesses. With a focus on corporate brand management and consumer products marketing art, beauty, fashion, health & wellness including the beverage space, entertainment, and real estate. Licensed brand marketing is at the core of the Level Brand businesses: Ireland Men One, or I’M1, for millennial men and the women who love them; Encore Endeavor One, or EE1, corporate brand management and producer of experiential entertainment events and products across multiple platforms; Beauty & Pin-Ups, Level Brands’ hair care and disruptive women’s products brand. For more information, please see http://LevelBrands.com.

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