Jennifer Tang
Dentsu Aegis Network Taiwan

Though total media ad spending in Taiwan dropped by 2.5% in 2016, according to eMarketer estimates, advertisers continue to ramp up their spend in the digital space. Jennifer Tang, CEO of digital marketing and communications firm Dentsu Aegis Network Taiwan, spoke with eMarketer’s David Green about her outlook for digital advertising in the country and the top concerns for local advertisers.

eMarketer: Who are the dominant digital publishers in Taiwan?

Jennifer Tang: Yahoo is one of the leading portals in Taiwan. News sites Apple Daily and ETtoday are two leading publishers in the news sector. Pixnet is dominant in the social media area. However, Dcard is catching up and has become a popular social platform among college students and young office workers in Taiwan.

eMarketer: What caused last year’s dip in total media ad spending in Taiwan?

Tang: The main reasons for the decline in ad spending were macroeconomic. Taiwan’s annual gross domestic product forecast gradually declined from the beginning of 2016, and this impacted ad spending. Ad expenditures for traditional media have declined significantly, but the budget spent on digital keeps growing.

“Technology, such as live streaming, will make digital media advertising formats more diversified.”

eMarketer: What does the future of digital advertising look like in Taiwan?

Tang: The application and development of technology, such as live streaming, will make digital media advertising formats more diversified. The entertainment category should grow very fast.

Local data will also become more accessible and help advertisers in Taiwan understand and track consumer behavior. Google and Facebook receive a lot of the ad revenue in Taiwan, so local publishers want to share more data with local clients and improve audience insight to make marketing more effective.

eMarketer: Is there anything stopping advertisers from investing in digital?

Tang: Audiences expect to see ads, but mobile display ads simply disrupt their experience. We think this is stopping clients’ investment in mobile ads.

“Audiences expect to see ads, but mobile display ads simply disrupt their experience.”

Advertisers need to think more from the user experience perspective. For example, mobile video display is truly awful. Most consumers just close the ad before they watch, or they read an article instead.

eMarketer: Is viewability a concern?

Tang: Facebook is working with comScore and other third-party audit companies to provide viewability reports. Global clients are more concerned about viewability than local clients, but we are trying to push transparency in the digital environment. Viewability is the one issue we have to figure out in Taiwan.

Source: Google News