It was an exciting past week in martech, with Marketo’s “human error” leaving customers panicking, and personalization and AI still being hankered after by market leaders LinkedIn, Adobe and HubSpot.

Most martech watchers will agree there’s never a dull moment when marketing meets technology. This week was no exception, with midweek movie-like thrills for Marketo users when they were unable to login to their accounts. The glitch – Marketo had not renewed its domain name. That, and other important news from last week in quick bytes:

From the MTA platter:

Marketo goes offline (but not forever)!

Last week, marketing automation software provider Marketo worried clients when they went offline due to a “human and process error”. The company missed out on re-registering its domain, which led to complete outage of the main and associated sites as well as app access, leading to anxious customers taking to social media to voice their angst. CEO Steve Lucas was quick to respond though, and the provider’s site was back online in a couple of hours.

Key takeaways: Forget everything else but never forget to renew your domain name! And, always be proactive to assuage customer fears in the channel they are reaching out to you in.

Facebook Launches Messenger Platform 2.1 and makes waves with its Q2 earnings

The launch of Facebook’s Messenger Platform 2.1 boasts of features that will enable businesses to develop new ways to connect with customers and enrich conversations. In this same week, Facebook also made headlines with its Q2 earnings announcements that led most industry leaders to feel that they beat expectations on most fronts.

LinkedIn Announces New Website Demographics
In an age where personalized marketing and the need for a deeper understanding of page visitors and viewer demographics is rising, LinkedIn’s new demographics tool will enable B2B marketers to personalize their marketing outreach and content in line with their website visitors.

Adobe adds AI capabilities to Adobe Target to hyper-personalize experiences

Most brands try to capitalize on real-time data and user analytics to offer customers a better experience. While brands today often use internal statistics and algorithms to customize their marketing, the use of AI has not yet been fully leveraged. To cover this gap, Adobe announced that it will open up its data science and algorithmic optimization capabilities in Adobe Target, the personalization engine of Adobe Marketing Cloud with the aim of giving end users a better experience.

HubSpot acquires Kemvi

A thorough grasp of consumer’s habits and online behavior can help sales teams bag more leads. HubSpot, to add more tech that can derive consumer insights, announced the acquisition of Kemvi, a machine learning and AI startup. This move is set to improve the way HubSpot utilizes AI in its sales and marketing platform.

Industry spotlight

* Did you know that marketing automation is a priority in the B2B domain and that 41% of the existing marketing automation investments or use is in the B2B domain? But, B2C marketers are also realizing the need and importance of marketing automation. Have a look at the other industries making use of marketing automation.

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ADMA Global Forum 2017

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) will host their two-day conference on August 24, 25 at the Hilton Sydney in Australia. The forum seeks to offer participants a full-fledged marketing and customer experience while also bringing the best minds and influencers together.


* Google gets its own mosquitoes!

There’s nothing machines won’t be able to, except probably give us the freedom to download food! Google’s parent company Alphabet and scientist teamed up to release 20 mn machine-raised mosquitoes to reduce the numbers of the disease-carrying ones.

Source: Google News