Marketing automation few years ago appeared as a buzzword, but from early 90s, it is found to be effective and performs substantially an array of marketing essential tasks. The positive point is that the results are beneficial and real to the marketers. Businesses using marketing automation experience enhanced percentage of qualified leads. The power of this automation has the ability to measure and automate marketing activities.

Marketers handle many mundane tasks and many such jobs do not need expertise of high level that marketers need to offer, instead they just have to get done. Here are some ways that automation helps marketers in achieving brilliant results.

Social media: the key

Social media has become a primary source of information that businesses are changing their marketing strategies. Particularly, the fashion industry has changed dramatically owing to social media, and the savvy business owners employ the social media to grow businesses. Thus, social media has initiated access to potential and new buyers, thereby expanding access to information relating to fashion providing new advertising outlets.

Recently, most people are connected on social media that the fashion social network automation is definitely the digital age phenomenon. This is also embraced by many, while few shun it. People embracing it enjoy a win-win situation, and as a matter of time the customers engage the brands, while the organizations are able to get potential customers through social network sides, besides the consumers also reach to their preferred brands.

The truth

The fashion world is in the forefront, regardless of whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. The fashion makes complete sense as people rely on visually appealing pictures. However, not everyone buys just for it being visually appealing looks, yet there are many who find the brand followers and browse seeking inspiration before selecting a fashion item. The brands using fashion social network is doing admirable and this is used as a tool to engage customers and to create a trend that ensures generating sales, apart from loyal followers.

The social media platforms focus on fashion and are now doing very well by tapping people into their particular niche.  The social channels are becoming truly brand friendly and are adapting to things such as video advertising plugs, analytics and also sponsored contents. This creates new brand roles and with social media to influence, there is fast sales and identification of brand.



  1. Fashion brands really make a great job in integrating marketing automation strategies with social and other channels. A well-crafted strategy can definitely make an impact and a brand can expect a lot of buzz around them. One of the easy to use tools for marketing automation is GetResponse.

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