Marketing organizations in the age of martech

At MarTech Today, we often delve into the difficulties faced by CMOs in identifying the skills needed, and the talent required in staffing departments to support omni-channel campaigns, and manage diverse marketing technology stacks. We’ve also explored hiring challenges recruiters encounter when assessing candidates for these roles.

Approaching these topics from a holistic view, martech thought leader Scott Brinker asks in a new blog post “What do marketing orgs look like in the martech age?” He’s created a survey — Marketing Organizations in the Age of Martech — that we invite our readers to participate in.

From the post:

The thesis of this study is that marketing technology is reshaping the organization of the marketing department. Directly, marketing technology and marketing operations have become prominent roles, with expanding teams of their own.

The survey, asks for three pieces of your organizational structure:

  1. What roles report to your CMO (or highest-level marketing executive)?
  2. Who is in charge of marketing technology management and what roles report to them?
  3. Who is in charge of marketing operations — if that’s a separate role from marketing technology — and what roles report to them?

It’s a brief survey that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete, does not require any identifying information, and all responses will be anonymized and aggregated for analysis. All survey participants will also receive a discount code for our MarTech conference in Boston (October 2-4, 2017).

Please take the survey, and join us in Boston to discuss the results and share your perspective on organizational transformation.

[This article first appeared at MarTech Today.]